SPOTLIGHT ON John O´Sullivan, Regional Vice President and General Manager, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four seasons

John O’Sullivan talks about real connections with his team and guests that extends to the property and the beauty of Mexico. Their programming has evolved to include outdoor activities, and touchless therapies to soothe the soul and clear energy, extending into a meatless Monday in their Employees’ Cafeteria.

Have you noticed a change in your guest’s behavior towards wellness?
Absolutely, and the change was right from the beginning. Our guests are quite regular with their fitness habits and routines, but being in shape, became essential, and doing it outdoors became a constant request.

How have you adjusted your programming in response to new trends around nature and wellbeing?
Our Spa came up with a new offer: Fitness trails around the grounds of the Resort and Mindful Touchless Treatments which included Guided Meditations, Reiki Sessions and Sound Healing Therapies with Tibetan Bowls. Connection with the world around us, became a present and very honest need for our guests. This energy and matter cleansing also became a common concern around our staff; so, we crafted a plan in collaboration with Leslie Durso our Vegan Chef, and started our Meatless Mondays in our Employees´ Cafeteria, where we all go vegan for a day. The staff´s response to this initiative is a major statement.

How have the last few years challenged your leadership? What have you learned?
Being in Mexico has introduced me to a way of connecting with people at a larger scale and in a very engaging way. Mexicans are very proud of their country, their traditions, their ancestors, and everything around their identity. I organically absorbed that, and then it was integrated to the way I lead: Empowering people in such a way, they make our beautiful property their home. We have succeeded, our Punta Mita Warriors consider our property their very own home. It is very powerful to have this level of ownership around, because that guarantees human connections at a larger scale. In the end that is exactly what we all want: be seen, connect, learn, and be transformed.

How are you inspiring your staff and keeping morale high?
They know I am there for them. They see me around, and I truly engage and start conversations. It may seem unrealistic to you when I say I know them, or when I say I have deep meaningful conversations with them. But it is true, and I like that. Not only that: they know I like that, and I know they like it too. That makes it potent, honest and, occasionally, it is even magical.

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