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SPOTLIGHT ON- Kenton Jones BVI Regional Manager, Virgin Limited Edition

By Sharon Hirschowitz, Global Head of Media & Communications for The International Luxury Hotel Association
15 September 2021
3 min read
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Necker Island

Necker Island has recently completed a full renovation after the destruction of hurricane Irma and is ready to bounce back after the pandemic with safety protocols and a dream destination folks have been looking forward to after a long hard year.

Can you tell us about the concept behind your renovation after the hurricane?
Building a thriving and sustainable island in the BVI is something we have always been incredibly passionate about. We firmly believe that luxury doesn’t have to come at the expense of sustainability, and this belief has been the driving force behind th reconstruction of Necker Island.

From introducing new waste disposal systems and designing staff uniforms from recycled ocean plastic to our chefs ensuring all fish is sourced in a seasonal and sustainable way, every inch of the island’s renovation has sustainability at the heart of it.

One area we’re particularly excited about is how we’re using solar and wind energy to meet the island’s energy needs; we have installed 1232 solar panels between the Great House and the main beach area which we were able to do before the hurricane. After Irma, we wanted to further build on this success and installed three giant wind turbines, which combined with solar power, allow the island to run on up to 100% renewable energy.

How have you been impacted by the pandemic?
COVID-19 has undeniably been the most significant crisis the world has experienced in many years. Across the globe, the travel industry has been hit hard, and with rules and restrictions constantly changing it has of course impacted the number of guests we can host and the way we host them.

Yet despite all the uncertainty, the BVI has had one of the lowest numbers of COVID cases in the world and the team on Necker have worked tirelessly to ensure guests still receive the true Necker experience; whilst ensuring safety is the number one priority and working within the strict criteria of
government protocols. It may take a little time for tourism to fully bounce back, but we are fortunate to have guests visit us from all corners of the globe, and therefore for the large part we have been able to remain open. Undoubtedly, it is the innovative and adaptable attitude of our teams on the island that has enabled us to do so and that keeps me inspired daily.

Necker Island

As always, our guests can look forward to stunning views, new and improved rooms, and interiors, and an array of activities across the island. But our hope, as always, is that with such a strong focus on sustainability, a commitment to growing and looking after the endangered wildlife on the island,  and meticulous hygiene and safety measures, guests will continue to leave Necker feeling refreshed, but inspired too and needless to say, part of the family.

Necker Island