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Create A Personal Connection

In an age where travelers can virtually explore destinations from the comfort of their homes, the challenge lies in capturing their attention and offering an experience that transcends what technology can replicate. This is where the true essence of personalization shines.

Prioritizing the In-Person Experience at High-Tech Hotels

There is certainly value in these new technologies. However, the digitization of the hotel experience can make the stay feel less personal and perhaps less memorable. In this ever-growing landscape of smartphone apps and technology, it is the material parts of an experience that create lasting sense memories. 

Comfort and Confidence: the New Guest Sleep Standard

In the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, the entire hospitality industry put numerous cleaning protocols in place to reassure travelers that when they return to travel, they can expect a clean and positive experience. As a leader in hospitality bedding, we were committed to be part of the industry’s recovery.