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Peacock Room & Gospel Coffee And Boozy Treats Bring Exciting New Flavors And Experiences To New Orleans Rich Food And Beverage Scene, New Concepts Opening May 11, 2021

NOLA’s Central Business District gains show-stopping cocktail lounge and stylish corner café.

The Next Challenge for Hotels: 5-Star, Contactless Dining

The latest 5-star restaurant concept in today’s pandemic-persistent climate is in-room dining. As hotels seek to create contactless experiences while upholding service standards, bringing the restaurant to the room is now the focus. How will hotels achieve this seemingly impossible combination of touchless service with 5-star in-room dining? By thinking differently about what room service used to be.

100 Ideas for the Food & Beverage Industry Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis led to major structural and operational changes for the restaurant industry, from the implementation of new health standards to adaptation to new customer expectations. We offer 100 ideas to allow independent restaurateurs or operating in hotels to meet these challenges and choose from this list the most suitable ideas for their activity.

SPOTLIGHT ON Sebastien Silvestri, CEO, The Dinex Group

It is inspiring to see such a dynamic and purposeful approach to a catastrophic event. Sebastien talks about Chef Daniel’s generosity towards his team and first responders as his restaurants closed. He also outlines their plan for the future, with safety a priority and innovative ideas to keep guests entertained.

A new restaurant opening! Henry’s Palm Beach debuts as the island’s newest destination for timeless American cuisine

In these times, as existing restaurants face the challenges of re-opening as beacons of moving forward, the launch of a new venture is an unusual milestone — a pursuit to ride with, not against, the headwinds…