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Exceptional guest experiences require exceptional communication

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, staying ahead isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. The essence of luxury has evolved beyond opulent furnishings and gourmet meals to become an intimate dance of seamless experiences. For luxury hospitality providers, adapting to changing expectations is crucial. The modern concept of luxury is shifting from material possessions to memorable experiences. So how do you achieve this new level of operational excellence?

Flourishing in the Workplace: Cultivating a Positive Culture for Success

When I read the results for Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report 2023 that shared that globally, six out in 10 people are emotionally detached at work, only 23% are engaged at work, 44% had experienced a lot of stress and 21% had experienced a lot of angry emotions the day before, you read that right: A LOT of stress and angry emotions…I not only felt that information heavy on my mind, but something that I genuinely think pertains to all of us collectively regardless of the Industry we are in. Think about it, if we have stressed and angry individuals, in stressful and angry work environments, we also have stressed and angry friends, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, and overall stressed and angry societies; who would want that? My humble guess is no one. 

But following the Positive Psychology concept, that is the scientific study that focuses on what goes “right” vs. what goes “wrong” in life, and what makes individuals flourish and live a life worth living, let’s focus on that small 23% that are actively engaged at work and thriving and how we can cultivate more of them. 

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s professional world, the concept of flourishing in the workplace is gaining considerable attention. Beyond traditional success metrics, the emphasis is shifting towards fostering an environment where employees not only survive but thrive. After the pandemic, we saw the results of the great resignation, quiet quitting, you name it! and we continue to see the challenges with recruiting and retaining employees in many Industries including our beloved Hospitality one. Recent years and events have brought to light how many people see their job merely as a way to survive, pay bills and do what is right or expected, basically, there is more awareness now and less willingness to stay on the “hamster wheel”, instead, as part of our human innate constant search for meaning and happiness, we all look for environments where were can flourish and thrive, and that includes of course, our workplace. 

The Essence of Workplace Flourishing 

No, it’s not having the dream job or something that only some companies or individuals can attain. It is instead something that can be cultivated through positive leadership and fostering a culture where positive emotions and behaviors are part of the daily agenda.

Workplace flourishing goes beyond mere job satisfaction; it delves into the holistic well-being of employees. It encompasses aspects such as professional growth, positive relationships, mental and physical health, and a sense of purpose. A flourishing workplace is one where individuals are not just “clocking in and out” but are actively engaged, motivated, inspired and feel that their work matters, that they matter.

It wouldn’t be fair for me not to acknowledge how much I learned about flourishing in the workplace without mentioning The Walt Disney Company, where I spent 13 years of my life (mostly with Disney Cruise Line) and where I experienced firsthand the impact of positive cultures. Don’t get me wrong, no company is perfect, but when a company has a culture founded on fun, storytelling, excellence and optimism, amongst other values, the results are simply outstanding. During my time with Disney Cruise Line, I remember some close friends that were cruising with me, asking me if my all-day smile was “real” (thank you Disney for my lines of happiness aka wrinkles!) and I explained to them that although smiling was one of Disney’s “Seven Service Guidelines”, the constant positive emotions exuded by the guests combined with the environment of camaraderie, professionalism and sense of community, would make it almost impossible not to smile; the parks are called “The Happiest Place On Earth” for a reason. This Company is to me a clear example of what positive emotions in the workplace can do when they are aligned with the right leadership, talent, vision and business strategy. 

But you do not have to be the #1 Entertainment Company in the world to promote positive emotions or positive behaviors; anyone that cares, that genuinely cares about others knows how to make people feel valued, appreciated and how to make their day even just 1% better. Hospitality is the expert in this! So, if anything, we in the Hospitality Industry should be one step ahead to create more of what is thriving! More happy people and fewer angry and stressed employees, because hopefully, we already have the know-how to do that with our external guests, now let’s focus more on our internal guests, our employees.

Benefits of Flourishing Employees

Some of the benefits of having a positive culture are heightened productivity, innovation & adaptability, lower turnover rates, mental well-being, employer of choice amongst many others. While the benefits may not be surprising to you, the cost of not having a flourishing work environment and having instead disengaged or actively disengaged individuals, cost the US in 2023 alone $1.9 trillion in lost productivity according to Gallup. 

Building a Flourishing Culture

To foster a flourishing culture in the workplace, consider implementing actionable steps aligned with Martin Seligman’s (Father of Positive Psychology) PERMA model which is the acronym for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments. 

1) Begin with promoting Positive Emotions by encouraging a culture of gratitude and recognition. Implement regular appreciation programs to acknowledge employees’ efforts and accomplishments that celebrate the “small” wins. 

2) Enhance Engagement by providing opportunities for skill development and autonomy. Encourage employees to pursue tasks that align with their personal strengths and passions, fostering a sense of purpose. Discover what moves them deep inside!

3) To cultivate Positive Relationships, organize team-building activities and promote open communication channels, creating a supportive and collaborative work environment. Build small committees that look after the common well-being, where everyone feels like they belong to a unique work community.

4) Prioritize Meaning by ensuring that employees understand how their work contributes to the overall goals of the organization. Clarify the purpose behind the rutinary tasks and connect individual roles to the broader mission and why their job matters. 

5) Finally, emphasize Accomplishments by setting realistic goals and celebrating achievements. Establish a system for recognizing and rewarding milestones, fostering a sense of competence and motivation. 

By integrating these steps, you can create a workplace environment that is focused on making the employee’s day 1% better at a time. 

The Future of Flourishing Workplaces 

As the nature of work evolves, so must our approach to fostering thriving environments. The future of flourishing workplaces lies in adaptability, continuous improvement, and a commitment to the well-being of others. Companies that prioritize these elements are not only investing in the success of their employees but are also positioning themselves for long-term prosperity in an ever-changing business landscape. In conclusion, flourishing in the workplace is not a fleeting trend but a strategic imperative for businesses aiming for sustained success. It is a paradigm shift from traditional notions of success toward a more holistic, human-centered, you-matter approach. As we navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, let us embrace the challenge of creating environments where individuals not only survive but truly flourish.

HOTSTATS 2024 Budgeting: How to Improve Hotel Performance in Uncertain Times

In today’s dynamic hospitality sector, hoteliers face continual challenges in managing budgets amid uncertainty. The ability to effectively plan, strategize, and adapt becomes paramount in improving hotel performance. Industry experts emphasize the significance of benchmarking against competitors, harnessing technology, and reevaluating traditional approaches. This article explores pragmatic insights and actionable steps to empower hotels in enhancing their budgeting strategies to thrive amidst unpredictable market conditions.

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The Ritz-Carlton Commissions Travel Poster Series by Artist Louis-Nicolas Darbon, Including Signed Portrait by Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, in Celebration of the Brand’s Ongoing Partnership with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Building on The Ritz-Carlton brand’s longstanding commitment to supporting the global community, all sales of the exclusive art series will go directly to Sutton Trust through The Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints Fund

Sheraton Hotels & Hello Sunshine’s Reese’s Book Club to Bring Global Communities Together Through a Shared Love of Books

Reese’s Book Club x Sheraton Lobby Library at Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

New brand-wide Gatherings by Sheraton program propels the storied hospitality brand’s legacy as ‘The World’s Gathering Place’ with its first collab rooted in enriching guests’ stays. Reese’s Book Club and Sheraton to Launch New Lobby Library in Select Hotels Worldwide

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts is turning the page once again with today’s unveiling of the storied brand’s new program Gatherings by Sheraton. The weekly experiences aim to help guests and locals feel inspired by the stories and cultures of communities around the world, and ultimately get more out of their travels. As part of the initiative, Sheraton and Reese’s Book Club (RBC), a part of Candle Media’s Hello Sunshine, have partnered to launch the first-ever Reese’s Book Club x Sheraton Lobby Library at select Sheraton locations worldwide.

“Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, with its rich legacy, has always stood as a place where communities come together, and Gatherings by Sheraton is an extension of that ethos,” said Amanda Nichols, Global Brand Leader, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. “Given our commitment to being ‘The World’s Gathering Place,’ we’re excited to partner with Reese’s Book Club, the Internet’s biggest book club. Through books, we dream; through travel, we live those dreams. Now, guests and book enthusiasts from every corner of the globe can come together at Sheraton and create new stories, connections and memories.”

“At Hello Sunshine, we believe that books bond us – they have the incredible power to connect people across borders, cultures and experiences. The power of storytelling to inspire and connect a community are at the foundation of Reese’s Book Club and we’re thrilled to partner with Sheraton Hotels & Resorts on this special program and continue to unite global communities and inspire conversation through the joy of reading,” said Sarah Harden, CEO, Hello Sunshine. “We’re excited to see how a shared love for books will create meaningful moments and lasting connections in Sheraton lobbies around the world.”

As the most global brand within Marriott Bonvoy®’s portfolio of over 30 extraordinary hotel brands, Sheraton’s new Gatherings by Sheraton program aims to create moments of connection for hotel guests and locals through hosted experiences rooted in the themes of Enrichment, Renewal and Local Stories – from immersing yourself in Hiuwai, the Hawaiian ceremony of Mind, Body, and Spirit renewal as part of a regenerative travel experience at Sheraton Waikiki, to local sake tasting and paper crane making at Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel, to learning about sustainable fishing practices from local fishermen at Sheraton Lima Historic Center, and more.

At the heart of the program, Reese’s Book Club x Sheraton Lobby Library, will pop up at select hotels worldwide, beginning with Sheraton Grand Los Angeles, October 11 through November 12, and followed by Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel and Sheraton Grand London Park Lane in early 2024. Sheraton’s new Lobby Libraries will serve as the official backdrop for signature “Beyond the Page” moderated speaker series. The series will feature emerging and celebrated women authors from Reese’s Book Club’s curated network, as well as book tours and signings. Guests can also discover the full back catalog of Reese’s Book Club picks, as well as new genres and local book selections, either by cozying up inside the Lobby Library, checking out a book to enjoy in the comfort of their guest room, or purchasing a copy to take home.

Select Sheraton hotels worldwide will host monthly book club meet-ups celebrating Reese’s Book Club’s monthly drops, for lovers of literature and those who are merely book club curious, to gather and connect. The brand is also collaborating with BookTokers, pairing them up with different Sheraton hotels across the globe to host BookTok meetups with Reese’s Book Club for guests and locals to join in on.

Hotels will also encourage guests and locals to gather, read and discover through other Gatherings by Sheraton programming, including author spotlightsDIY workshops centered on book binding, engraving and embossingbook swap programsliterary trivia nights, and more.

Why this partnership now? Books and travel share a captivating symbiosis that transcends mere pages and destinations. Like the turning of a page, embarking on a travel journey is full of excitement and unexpected discoveries. Both offer an invitation to explore cultures, histories, and landscapes beyond immediate surroundings. Whether a self-professed book lover or a casual page turner, Sheraton and Reese’s Book Club are creating a gathered community where more of us are reading together and discovering new experiences.

To learn more about Sheraton and the new Gatherings by Sheraton program, please visit Join the conversation at @Sheratonhotels.

About Sheraton® Hotels & Resorts
Sheraton Hotels & Resorts makes it easy for guests to feel welcome at over 430 hotels and resorts in nearly 75 countries and territories around the world. As the most global brand within Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of extraordinary hotel brands sitting at the center of hundreds of communities around the world, Sheraton has a rich heritage in creating a sense of belonging for guests, wherever they are in the world. Sheraton is currently undergoing a major brand transformation, creating a signature community experience for the next generation of travelers and locals alike at properties across the globe. The new vision for Sheraton features intuitive design, tech-forward experiences, and upgrades to everything from public space and F&B to flexible meeting space. For more information, please visit, and stay connected on Facebook, and @sheratonhotels on Twitter and Instagram. Sheraton is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy®, the global travel program from Marriott International. The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, exclusive experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments, and unparalleled benefits including free nights and Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit

About Marriott Bonvoy®
Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and marketplace, gives members access to transformative, eye-opening experiences around the corner and across the globe. Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of over 30 extraordinary brands offers renowned hospitality in the most memorable destinations in the world. Members can earn points for stays at hotels and resorts, including all-inclusive resorts and premium home rentals, as well as through everyday purchases with co-branded credit cards. Members can redeem their points for experiences including future stays, Marriott Bonvoy Moments™, or through partners for luxurious products from Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques®. With the Marriott Bonvoy app, members enjoy a level of personalization and contactless experience that allows them to travel with peace of mind. To enroll for free or for more information about Marriott Bonvoy, visit To download the Marriott app, go here. Travelers can also connect with Marriott Bonvoy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

About Hello Sunshine
Founded by Reese Witherspoon, Hello Sunshine puts women at the center of every story it creates, celebrates and discovers. Hello Sunshine tells stories across all platforms – from scripted and unscripted television, feature films, podcasts, audio storytelling, and digital series – all shining a light on where women are now and helping them chart a new path forward. Hello Sunshine is also home to Reese’s Book Club. Fast growing in reach and influence, this community is propelled by meaningful connections with stories, authors and fellow members.

Hello Sunshine is part of Candle Media, an independent, creator-friendly home for cutting-edge, high-quality, category-defining brands and franchises. By bringing together elite talent operating at the intersection of content, community, and commerce, it helps to position leading entertainment businesses for accelerated, sustainable growth in the current market and beyond. Candle is run by its Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs, leading entertainment executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, and backed by investment capital from funds managed by Blackstone’s flagship private equity business.

Media Contacts:
Erica Roney
Senior Manager, Global Public Relations, Premium Brands
Marriott International
[email protected]

Elevate Your Style at Kimpton Hotel Eventi

In the heart of the bustling city, where luxury meets fashion, Kimpton Hotel Eventi invites you to embark on a unique journey of self-expression with their exclusive partnership with Style Made Simple. Whether you’re a seasoned trendsetter or seeking a fashion transformation, the Kimpton Hotel Eventi x Style Made Simple offer promises a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling like the star of your own fashion show.

Option 1: Shop like a Stylist

Picture this: You’re in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, and you have a professional stylist at your side, ready to unlock your style potential. With the “Shop like a Stylist” package, you’ll enjoy a four-hour custom shopping itinerary tailored to your individual style goals and budget. Your stylist guide will curate the perfect shopping experience, helping you select clothing and accessories that not only flatter your unique style but also elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

Before your shopping extravaganza begins, you’ll fill out a style questionnaire that provides the Style Made Simple team with insight into your fashion desires. Armed with this information, your stylist will handpick the best stores and clothing items to visit during your session. Whether you’re seeking the latest trends, classic elegance, or a bold fashion statement, your stylist will help you choose pieces that resonate with your vision.

Option 2: Foundations of Style

For those looking for a more immersive style transformation, the “Foundations of Style” package offers a six-hour custom styling experience that goes beyond just shopping. This experience allows you to explore a variety of pre-selected clothing pieces that align with your style goals. With a professional stylist by your side, you’ll try on different outfits, mix and match, and create new looks that reflect your evolving style identity.

As with the “Shop like a Stylist” package, you’ll begin with a style questionnaire to guide the Style Made Simple team in selecting the perfect pieces for your session. Whether you’re building a timeless capsule wardrobe or experimenting with daring fashion statements, your stylist will be your trusted partner in crafting a wardrobe that truly speaks to you.

Both packages include accommodations in a luxurious Kimpton Hotel Eventi suite, where comfort and sophistication merge seamlessly. As part of the package, you’ll also receive a $100 dining credit to savor the delectable creations of Chef Laurent Tourondel at one of the hotel’s exceptional restaurants. To top it off, a warm welcome gift awaits you upon check-in, adding an extra layer of hospitality to your stay.

Reservations for these exclusive styling sessions can be made through the Kimpton Hotel Eventi sales office by emailing [email protected]. Rates for the “Shop like a Stylist” package start at $1,850, while the “Foundations of Style” package begins at $2,500. Please note that the cost of clothing purchased during your session is separate from the package rate, and styling bookings are available by appointment only.

Elevate your stay in the city that never sleeps by embracing your unique style journey at Kimpton Hotel Eventi. Experience the intersection of luxury, fashion, and self-expression like never before – because at Kimpton Hotel Eventi, we believe that style should always be a reflection of you.

Spice Up Your Tea Menu with Seasonal Flavors

Tea is a global favorite, with its rich history spanning centuries and cultures. While classic teas like Earl Grey Crème, Sencha Tea, and Egyptian Chamomile are timeless staples, there’s a growing trend in hospitality – seasonal teas. Learn more about why updating your tea menus with the changing seasons can positively impact your business.