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100 Ideas for the Food & Beverage Industry Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis led to major structural and operational changes for the restaurant industry, from the implementation of new health standards to adaptation to new customer expectations. We offer 100 ideas to allow independent restaurateurs or operating in hotels to meet these challenges and choose from this list the most suitable ideas for their activity.

MMGY, Expedia, ADARA & Sojern partner for new “Where Travel Can Take You” campaign

MMGY Global’s flagship integrated marketing agency, MMGY, has brought together Expedia Group™ Media Solutions, Sojern and ADARA to create a unifying campaign that maintains a consumer presence for the travel industry, shares a message of positivity and reminds American travelers of the real power of travel.


At a time when everything is uncertain, everything important becomes clear:
health, family, perseverance and adaptation. The roadmap to our future begins
with the combination of our expansive 130,000 sq ft campus and the ability to
know and closely monitor who is under our roof. We envision a controlled
environment inhabited by a team and membership community that is accountable
to each other.

An innovative method reducing the carbon footprint between the winery to the consumer

For those who offer varietal wines as part of their business, from casual dining chains to the mom and pop restaurant, from concessionaires who manage stadiums and arenas, for food and beverage managers overseeing operations at country clubs, to those in the cruise line and casino industry, right now while we live in these unprecedented times is when everyone is looking to streamline, to look for ways to mitigate risk, to make procedural blueprints more efficient, to seek new innovative ideas in order to bring more to the bottom line.

Creative Kempinski Hotels: From online wedding salon to virtual real-time hotel tours to cosmetic tutorials

Despite the currently limited travel and contact opportunities, Kempinski Hotels remain in close contact with their valued guests and have initiated creative actions in recent weeks to provide a high level of service – albeit somewhat different from ‘normal times’.

SPOTLIGHT ON Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President, SLD

Jean-Pierre is a visionary design thinker who is dedicated to working with retail brands on interpreting the latest trends for their business and creating strategies that have measurable results. He will be discussing the future at the ILHA’s event in Miami and shares some detail on his talk as well as mistakes brands make when defining their future.