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SPOTLIGHT ON Ofra Gelman, Principal, Dwell Design Studio

Ofra’s first project was the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas followed by the design and construction of the Mirage Conference Center. Both had no budget nor deadline. She has since had a reality check and has done extensive work on both hotels and mixed-use projects. The ILHA asked her how COVID-19 has affected the design industry and its influence for years to come.

SPOTLIGHT ON David T’Kint, Principle of HBA EMEA

A glimpse into the future as COVID-19 challenges hotel design to be more sustainable and relevant, moving agiley to reflect the importance of wellness, privacy and space. David T’Kint, who has worked on some of the most prestigious hotel brands, including the Great Scotland Yard in London’s Whitehall, talks about how this will be reflected in the aesthetic experience.

SPOTLIGHT ON Euan McGlashan, Global Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Valor Hospitality Partners

Valor Hospitality has been raising the bar on guest experience, investing, owning and operating hotels worldwide that have a unique story to tell, from luxury safari lodges in Africa to the recent acquisition of the Kimpton hotel The Rouge in DC. Euan McGlashan has led the way.

SPOTLIGHT ON Arlene Coke, Director Accounting, Treasure & Strategic Relationship, Club Med

Sustainability is more than a trend, it’s a way of life that the luxury hospitality industry is investing both its time and resources into towards a better future for the next generation and our planet. Arlene tells us about Club Med’s sustainability initiatives, their challenges, and the importance of having the right partners who also want to do the right thing.