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WORLD CINEMA (WCI) Unveils Impruvix — A Turn-Key, Custom-designed Wireless Connectivity Solution For Communities And Destination Properties Nationwide

WCI’s ImpruviX Offers a Single-Source, Customizable and Secure Enterprise-Grade Connectivity Solution to Property Owners, Residents and Guests Quickly and Efficiently.

WRITING FOR WELL-BEING: The Rewards of Putting Pen to Paper (A.T. Cross Company)

Meaningful personal connections have always been essential to wellness. For nearly 175 years, A.T. Cross Company has proudly connected people through the art of written communication. Today, with a renewed appreciation for the traditional act of putting pen to paper, we’re reminded of the power of writing to close the space between us.

Dhiraagu Partners with SmartBeings and Leia to Introduce WooHoo® Contactless Voice Assistant for Luxury Hotels

With WooHoo® technologies integrated with Dhiraagu smart hospitality solutions, hotel guests can now order food & beverages, toiletries, play music, get instant answers to their queries, call reception and control room temperature, lighting, or curtains, among other many interactions through a simple voice command.

ILHA Webinar Series explores trends coming out of COVID crisis

The International Luxury Hotel Association’s NorthEast Chapter webinar series takes a long view on how the luxury hospitality industry can rise out of the depths of the pandemic with strategies to reimagine operations, post-COVID protocols and recovery trends that offer insight into the future.

How to Make the Translation Process Efficient

You have decided to work with a professional translator in order to have your texts translated for communication with your international audience. You have also already chosen the right partner according to your needs and industry and now it’s time to transfer the documents to your translator. But what does the translation process look like? It’s in everybody’s best interest that your collaboration is as easy and effective as possible, so let’s have a look at the translator’s workflow.

How to Run Your Pool Efficiently Whilst Attracting Customers

“Our mission is to support hotels to maintain the highest water safety standards around their pools by providing an easy step by step Accreditation, saving you time and ensuring standards. Don’t write off how important it is for your guests to know how seriously you take their comfort and safety around the pool.”