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Chelsey Leffet Promoted to Managing Director at HVS and Leads Northeast Region

Chelsey Leffet, a board member of the ILHA East Coast Chapter, has been recently promoted to Managing Director at HVS. She now leads the Washington, D.C. Consulting & Valuation office and is also the Director of the HVS Northeast region. Chelsey has consulted on hotels of all asset classes and development stages throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including several hostel lodging assets.

Changing the Way We Think About Design Entertainment: Rika Lisslö on “Hotels ByDesign”

Rika Lisslö, a board member of the ILHA East Coast Chapter, has joined the presenting and judging panel for the first season of Hotels By Design. This television series is focused on the world of “design entertainment,” delving into the realms of industrial design, architecture, interior design, landscapes, and gardens. Rika Lisslö is a key figure in the show, sharing her expertise as both a presenter and judge.

The Future of Hotel Design

The International Luxury Hotel Association’s NorthEast Chapter hosted a webinar on The Future of Design where they discussed how they have had to respond to the crisis in current projects and adapt with innovative solutions and technologies while placing a renewed value on vendor relationships as we all face a pandemic reality.

ILHA WEBINAR SERIES: QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Agile and Lean: Recognizing the Synergy Between Digital, Revenue Management, Sales, and Branding

No doubt, this global crisis has turned our industry upside down. However, we must embrace and transform the disruption into an opportunity. In times of uncertainty, business agility provides stability and allows us to navigate the unknown. To capture growth in this current climate, businesses need to be opportunistic, agile, collaborative and innovative.