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22 Best Practices for your Wellness and Spa Department During and Post-COVID-19

Sooner or later, COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. However, as the crisis will pass, many things will have changed. New ways of working, new consumption patterns, a new way of interacting with people, and most certainly, cleanliness standards as new ways of measuring the attractiveness of hotels will become the norm.

Biologique Recherche Partners on Wellness

Travelers are looking for authentic, meaningful experiences and this extends into their skincare choices when traveling. Top luxury hotels worldwide are partnering with Biologique Recherche to bring their guests the brand’s revolutionary professional skin care with its hyper-customized treatments and result-driven products.


At a time when everything is uncertain, everything important becomes clear:
health, family, perseverance and adaptation. The roadmap to our future begins
with the combination of our expansive 130,000 sq ft campus and the ability to
know and closely monitor who is under our roof. We envision a controlled
environment inhabited by a team and membership community that is accountable
to each other.

2020 Wellness Amenities Worthy of a New Decade

Ringing in a new year conjures up wellness resolutions, gym memberships and clean eating challenges that begin to fizzle before the winter is through. The wellness-minded traveler has learned to turn annual resolutions into daily rituals in all aspects of their lives and have come to expect a seamless
extension while on holiday.