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SPOTLIGHT ON Niamh O’Connell, Group Vice President – Wellness and Brand Experience, Rosewood Hotel Group

Niamh tells us how Rosewood has prioritized the shifting needs of guests, creating virtual support programs, wellness sabbaticals interwoven with workcations, and a 24-hour intensive immersion program designed to reset one’s circadian rhythm and promote sleep.

Kempinski Hotels embarks on the expansion of its wellness and wellbeing strategy

To better anticipate the increasing needs of its customers for wellness offering and to provide its guests with an expanded suite of high-end wellness and wellbeing services, Kempinski Hotels today announces that it has completed the acquisition of shares of the international and independent company providing sustainable wellness solutions Resense Spa S.A.

Wellness During and Post COVID19

Four finalists of the Global Personality/Influencing Industry category from the Hall of Wellness Awards 2020 collaborated on an industry report reflecting a diverse range of geographical and industry focus.

Lucy Brialey, The Sustainable Spa Association (UK)
Marisa Dimitriadis, The Spa Consultants and Spa Professionals Guild (South Africa)
Andrew Jacka, Spa Origins (Thailand)
László Puczkó, Health Tourism Worldwide (Hungary)

View their report here