Experience Mediterranean Flavors by the Andaman Ocean at Trisara with Waew

Delicious Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from Trisara luxury resort, featuring a beautifully presented dish by the Andaman Ocean

Trisara’s New Al Fresco Dining Concept ‘Waew’ Presents Fresh, Sustainable Cuisine in a Relaxed Ambiance

Leading the culinary scene on Phuket, Trisara luxury resort continues to shine with the launch of its latest gastronomic gem – a Mediterranean-inspired dining concept named Waew. This new addition adds another celestial body to Trisara’s constellation of culinary stars, dazzling guests with flavors reminiscent of Southern Europe.

Drawing its name from the triangular island that graces the view from the resort’s private beach, Waew encapsulates the essence of Southern Europe in both its cuisine and its relaxed atmosphere. Just steps away from the beach, this al fresco dining experience utilizes the finest sustainably sourced ingredients to craft a menu inspired by the vibrant food traditions of coastal Southern Europe and the Levant.

At the heart of Waew’s offerings are bold and invigorating flavors, accentuated by a range of preparation styles that encompass everything from light grilling to the captivating display of live-fire cooking within a statement wood-fired oven.

While indulging in the culinary creations, guests are treated to an extensive wine list featuring natural and boutique wines from acclaimed producers. The symphony of lapping Andaman waves adds a soothing backdrop, encouraging leisurely lunches and indulgent dinners that stretch into unforgettable moments.

Trisara luxury resort

Kittisak “Kitt” Pattamasaevi, the CEO of Montara Hospitality Group, the proud owners of Trisara, expressed the inspiration behind Waew: “We aimed to introduce a fresh all-day dining concept at Trisara. What better way to achieve this than by embracing the healthy food traditions of Southern Europe? At Waew, patrons can savor reimagined classics from the Mediterranean while taking in the breathtaking beauty of our private beach and the sparkling Andaman Ocean.”

Indeed, a journey through Waew offers diners the chance to traverse a culinary landscape spanning Portugal, France, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Greece. The indoor and al fresco dining options provide a captivating setting for an epicurean voyage.

Among the tempting menu selections, one can relish grilled sardines with Provence olive oil, lemon, and parsley, savor the Pissaladière Provençal tart with its medley of caramelized onion, anchovies, black olives, and thyme, delight in the Burrata salad paired with cherry tomatoes, basil oil, and lemon zest, or indulge in the smoky flavors of Australian lamb cutlets accompanied by chimichurri and cauliflower tabbouleh.

In harmony with its proximity to the ocean, Waew places a strong emphasis on fresh seafood. The best of Thailand’s marine treasures shine in dishes like the Phuket lobster served with herb salad and beurre blanc, the Andaman seabream cooked within a seaweed-fennel salt crust, and the wood-fire grilled octopus accompanied by the rich romesco sauce.

Trisara’s culinary prowess is well-established, with its signature dining venue, PRU, currently the sole Michelin-starred establishment on Phuket. This commitment to culinary excellence extends to Montara Hospitality Group’s Tri Vananda project, a $182 million wellness community nestled in the lush forests of northern Phuket. Here, Jampa earned a MICHELIN Green Star for its dedication to zero-waste, plant-based cuisine.

The “Dine Good, Do Good” philosophy championed by Montara Hospitality Group emphasizes sustainable local sourcing across all its F&B outlets. Waew follows suit, showcasing produce sourced from local artisans and the expansive 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa organic farm situated within the Tri Vananda domain.

“Trisara’s reputation for innovative, sustainable cuisine is well-deserved,” Kitt concludes. “With the introduction of Waew, we anticipate that this commitment will only be further elevated, allowing even more people to experience the exceptional culinary journey that is Trisara.”