Unforgettable Form & Function: How Thoughtful Products Build Brand Loyalty

A sales executive is in Sonoma for an important presentation, which is scheduled at a nearby vineyard in half an hour. As she opens the slides for one final run-through, she suddenly realizes two things: 1) Her iPad is at 5% and dying fast. 2) The meeting is outdoors, and power outlets don’t grow on vines.

In a panic, she calls her hotel’s front desk and asks where she can get a portable charger.

“We actually have some here,” the agent tells her. “I’ll send one up right away.”

Within minutes, a fully charged power bank, its unique cork exterior elegantly marked with the hotel’s logo, is delivered to her door.

The executive nails her pitch. And every time she sees the branded power bank, which she now keeps in her tote, she remembers how the hotel enabled this success.

With one gesture, the hotel brand earned her loyalty.

The Regency Group, a full-service procurement and product development agency, empowers hotels to deliver loyalty-building experiences like this. As a nationally recognized source of beautiful, thoughtful products, Regency treats all touchpoints as opportunities to create personal and emotional connections with guests.

The Power of a Moment

Sincere connections are the heart of hospitality. Providing everything a customer needs before they ask and delivering delights they didn’t expect establishes a positive relationship with every person who walks through the door.

Luxuriously crafted products help foster those meaningful encounters. When each touchpoint is imbued with joy, it reinforces that the hotel truly considers its guests. A clever door tag, for example, might elicit a little grin, turning a utilitarian “Do Not Disturb” sign into a memory. Playing to the senses, the right products—from a curated scent to premium terry and bath amenities—are a powerful marketing tool.

A Consistent Brand Story

A hotel’s on-site experience must fulfill the promises made in its marketing. From prior to check-in to long after departure, a consistent brand experience is crucial to building credibility with customers.

Everything about a hotel’s products, from the materials to function to design, demonstrates its values. For the historic Noelle in Nashville, The Regency Group incorporates the Great Blue Heron into its products, referencing the native bird that embodies the wild spirit of the city. For hotels deeply rooted in sustainability efforts, The Regency Group sources eco-conscious recycled products and eliminates single-use plastics.

As a full-service print, production, and procurement agency, Regency is the only partner a hotel needs to deliver its entire product suite. Working with one supplier helps hotels create a cohesive brand experience while simplifying the ordering process. The result? Efficient brand integrity.

A pen is more than a pen when treated as an instrument
that imprints a hotel brand’s larger overarching story.

Selecting the Right Products

Along with choosing products that reinforce brand stories, managing costs without sacrificing quality is a crucial part of the procurement process. Premium products are re-used or kept, and low-quality products get thrown away.

To create a lasting impression, consider the items a guest takes home. These are often pens, memo pads, and toiletries, but there are endless possibilities to the items one may want—and may be willing to purchase. The Regency Group has designed and sourced sleep masks, playing cards, wine keys, totes, insulated water bottles, and more. 

Merchandise then becomes another revenue stream. With designs that reflect both the brand and the customer, these products deepen the brand’s impression on the customers and guide them from prospect to guest to ambassador.

A Full-Service Partner

For exquisitely crafted products that inspire guest loyalty, The Regency Group is a hotel’s best-in-class partner. Expert product sourcing, print and production, inventory, implementation, and integrations with the industry’s leading procurement systems improve compliance and cut purchasing costs. Streamlining the OS&E process through a single supplier is the most efficient way to put excellence directly into your guests’ hands, materially elevating their perception and experience.

The Regency Group

Dana Gross
Founder & Creative Director, DG Coterie