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Valet Vault – Sentinel Series

By Robert Lalonde, Vice President Business Development for Valet Vault
8 May 2021
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Valet Vault

Sentinel Series

100 / 200 / 400 key Capacity 50.5”H x 38”W x 29.5”D

The Sentinel has the strength and security of its big brother, the Defender, but in a slightly smaller size. One of its many standard features is our patent- pending key carousel that maximizes key storage.

Standard Features

Reinforced Aluminum
Built with industrial-grade, rust proof, reinforced aluminum for durability and an extended lifecycle

Self-closing Door
Self closing door change to industry first patented self-closing door 

Wayfinding Signage
White “VALET” signage is positioned on three sides of the Sentinel to improve wayfinding for customers

Industrial-grade Lock
Industrial-grade, weather resistant lock providing the ultimate in security and dependability

Vault Plate Divider
Industrial-grade aluminum plate that acts as a barrier between the drawer area and the key cabinet

Padded Key Drop within key cabinet
Allows valets to safely store keys until there is time to hang them

Secure Tip Box within key cabinet
Provides a secure box for valets to store tips in while working

Upgrade Options

Custom Exterior Colors
Customize your Valet Vault with a color that matches your exterior decor

Custom Lighted Logo
Add an Interchangeable  Vinyl-lighted signages/logo to the front panel to brand your Valet Vault perfect for events

Permanent Skirt
Replace the four castors on your Valet Vault with a matching aluminum skirt

Increased Key Capacity
Upgrade to larger hooks on the key carousel to double the maximum key storage capacity to 200*

Access control kit upgrade add/delete users/see if door left open/lock/unlock door/view activity manage multiple podiums/users from any smart phone or tablet

The best valet key storage solutions on the planet … Period

*Maximum key storage capacity accounts for the use of larger hooks that can hold two sets of keys each. Larger key hooks are an additional fee on some Valet Vault models. Product items subject to change as we are constantly looking for ways to better our products. Valet Vault, Inc. 2020

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