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[VIDEO] High Tech is Here to Stay in Luxury Travel

By Heather Lobao, Business Analyst for Vamoos
22 March 2021
2 min read
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Being high-tech is no longer an option in luxury travel, it’s a necessity. The pandemic has made sure of that. But that does not mean high touch goes out the window. In fact, the very opposite; because when used right, high tech enhances service.

Last week we partnered with Hummingbird Travel for a webinar (click for replay) on How luxury resorts combine high tech and high touch.

These were the key messages:

Guests Want Tech
Nikolaus Priesnitz, General Manager at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, said he is confident the technology they have introduced because of COVID is here to stay.

“I do believe the changes that we have implemented will stay for good,” he said. “Customers have adapted to it. So I’m very confident to say that technology will be a must-do application for our guests to continue to be safe, and for us to improve our engagement.”

Vamoos CEO Alisdair Luxmoore added: “One of the falsehoods of the world is that the older generations don’t use technology. That is absolutely not the case.”

High-Tech Can Be High-Touch
Ahmed Sindhaan told the webinar the resort he manages, Lti Maafushivaru Maldives, have used Vamoos to go digital, and “our clients have been happy with the app”. He added that, crucially, guests using Vamoos “know they are speaking to an actual person.”

With Vamoos’s in-app messaging and notifications, a high-level of personalised service is maintained alongside the convenience of using a digital app.

To check out the demo shown during the event, download the Vamoos app and login with the user ID: luxr and password: Trip.

To find out how Vamoos can help you offer clients the digital experience they want, click here for a demo or free trial. Or get in touch directly at heather@vamoos.com and on +44 203 474 0512.