Virtual & Hybrid Events

“I love AVMS! We have been using them for many years on both in-person and virtual events, and they have never disappointed us. We had no idea how to turn our annual offsite into a virtual one, but the guys at AVMS took our wild ideas and brought them to life. News of their skills has spread through our company like wildfire and now everyone wants a piece!” — Mara

Meetings are changing… the way they look, how they are attended and how they are handled. There are several types of virtual events and AVMS is here to assist you make your in-person, virtual event or hybrid experience a success.

No matter your preferred virtual experience (audio conference, video conference, webcast, webinar, or hybrid event), AVMS is here to ensure that you achieve your event goals whether it be for a corporate meeting, social gathering, wedding, educational certification or informative huddle. From concept to applause, in person or virtually, AVMS will collaborate, communicate and captivate.

Don’t forget to ask yourself a few important questions prior to your virtual event:

  • What are your event objectives?
  • What are your expectations prior to beginning the event and after it’s done?
  • How can you continue to captivate your audience with a virtual element?
  • How do you want your video to look?
  • Do you want to incorporate interactive elements into your event?
  • How can you get people to tune-in live and maintain their attention?
  • Do you want any sponsorship opportunities in your event?

Once you’ve considered these questions, AVMS can help build the ideal virtual experience.

Virtual Studios by AVMS
Do you need a location to serve as the hub for your virtual events? Somewhere that will look professional and allow your speakers to feel safe and comfortable? Partner with AVMS and allow our experts to develop a background that is conducive to your message, theme or company logo, as well as running your event with ease. You can be assured that every attendee will be able to see clearly, hear soundly and absorb your information as you deliver it.

Virtual Portals by AVMS
Do you need a platform where your virtual event attendees can register, pay, see sponsors, learn about speakers, and so much more? AVMS has you covered with our Virtual Portal.

Each portal can be customized for your event. That includes imagery, logos, theming, pre-event information, downloadable packets or marketing materials, Q&A section, sponsor rooms, post-event on-demand links, and hyperlinks to additional information or your website.

Virtual Event Renderings
Do you want to see the setup of your hybrid event prior to committing? Let the talents design team at AVMS assist you by creating a rendering that will demonstrate how physical distancing can be accomplished and give you a clear picture of how many people can safely the comfortably fit in the room.

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