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A New Era for Revenue Management

The International Luxury Hotel Association’s European Chapter discusses game changes in the revenue management world with a data-focused overview of hotel performance by Michael Grove, Chief Operating Officer, HotStats.

Outlook: Independent Luxury Hotels

Shannon Knapp believes that the independent segment will continue to thrive after a turbulant year and emerge stronger than before due to consumer demand, an appreciation for long term investing, and the relentless creativity that has kept them on the leading edge

US Focus: The State of the Luxury Hotel Segment & the Road to Recovery

STR’s Emile Gourieux will discuss the latest performance trends for Luxury hotels around the world with a special focus on the US and European markets. What factors will determine which hotels recovery more quickly? What does consumer sentiment tell us about travel habits over the next year? Please join us as we explore possible recovery scenarios for 2021.

Discussion on HotStats Market Overview

Russell Kett and Bettina Graef-Parker will give their perspective after listening to Mike Grove’s presentation on occupancy levels required to achieve break-even by asset type for the European, ME and APAC markets.