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Strategies to Transform Hotel Guest Experience

Guest Strategy: Business Transformation & Experience Culture. This webinar will cover the 360-degree guest experience throughout the customer journey, involving digital, marketing, sales, hotel experiences and guest services.

EU Market Recovery Trends

Europe: The pace of recovery depends on the market, whether they are resorts, urban-based, or located in the north or south. Panelists will talk about potential issues expected during the openings and how the luxury industry is preparing itself for the future.

The Importance of Reconnection

Anna Bjurstam, Senior Strategic Advisor for Six Senses, talks about the inherent need human beings have for connection and how their wellness programs both at home and on property, are focusing on bringing people closer to themselves and each other.

CEO Spotlight: Brian De Lowe

Proper Hotels CEO talks about his top three priorities over the near term, how they have streamlined operations without compromising on experience, the value of partnerships and the new opening of their Hotel June.

Lessons from 2020 to stick with in 2021

Jeff David is very candid about how they chose to rise above the challenges of opening a private lifestyle club just before the pandemic, and how shifts in politics and culture inspired them to reach out to their community.

Partner Session: AVMS – Demand Better Experiences

Get ready to smile! We all know that the past year has been a virtual nightmare. Join AVMS as we address some of the most common virtual meeting mistakes… all the while injecting a little humor into this crazy world, and at the same time giving a few pointers to make your presentation deliver a better experience.

The Relationship and Future of Hotel-Branded Residences in the Luxury Space

For years, branded hotel residences have been a growing trend and important revenue generator for many luxury hotel brands. But are they still worth the extra expense to the developer? 40-year industry veteran Robert Burnett challenges conventional assumptions, discusses the questions that developers ask themselves when deciding on whether to flag luxury projects, and offers suggestions for how luxury hotel brands can preserve and enhance their value proposition in new, mixed use projects