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Cracking the Direct Booking Code: Make Your Hotel More Profitable

WEBINAR: Cracking the Direct Booking Code - Make Your Hotel More Profitable


Brought to You by: Booking Success

If you’re tired of being at the mercy of OTAs and tour operators, this is one presentation you don’t want to miss!

Alexander Galarraga, lead strategist at Booking Success will bring to light why most hotels fail at generating profitable direct bookings while an “elite few” are driving most bookings directly.

Learn how to identify obstacles in your strategy that are holding you back and generate higher ADR bookings at a fraction of the cost of OTA Commissions.



Booking Success is a hotel marketing manager’s best friend, personal strategic coach and single point of contact for the hotel’s complete digital strategy and its execution, which results in higher net revenue (read: lower commissions), taking back control of their bookings and achieving high occupancy rates year-round.

This webinar, which is a must-attend for independent hotel owners, GMs, marketing and revenue managers who are not satisfied with the status quo and wish to be empowered with the knowledge and tools to create more interest and demand for their hotel without needing to be mostly reliant on third parties to do so.

Alexander will explain what roadblocks most hotels face when trying to generate more direct, undiscounted and uncommissioned bookings and how successful hotels have overcome these roadblocks.

We’ll introduce hotel case studies and shifts these hotels made and the impact this had on their results.



Alexander Galarraga
Lead Strategist