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Interview with Amanda Elder, CCO, Kempinski

Interview with Amanda Elder, CCO, Kempinski

  • Mathew Evins, Chairman, Evins Communications

Amanda Elder, Chief Commercial Officer of Kempinski Hotels, discusses luxury hospitality, defining luxury, and the guest experience. She emphasizes the importance of personalized service, engaging and inspiring the team, and maintaining the human touch in the face of advancing technology. She also highlights the differences in luxury expectations between American, European, and Asian travelers.

00:00 Defining Luxury and Anticipating Guest Needs in the Hospitality Industry.
Amanda Elder introduces Kempinsky Hotels as a European luxury brand with 80 hotels globally.
Elder discusses the evolving definition of luxury and the importance of understanding guest personas.
She emphasizes the significance of anticipating guest needs and the personalized approach of Kempinski Hotels.

05:56 Creating a Memorable Guest Journey and Departure Experience at Kempinski.
Ensuring a memorable and personal guest journey through the website, app, and loyalty program.
Constant communication, pre-arrival survey, and delivering guest preferences.
Respecting guest preferences, anticipating needs, and fostering comfortable interactions with staff.
Desired departure experience: guests feel they have experienced the destination and were hosted.

11:51 Maintaining Uniqueness and Individuality in Luxury Hospitality.
Guests value personalized experiences and local market knowledge.
Maintaining individuality in hotel properties while ensuring quality and consistency.
Allowing general managers to express individuality while balancing compliance and consistency.

17:47 Challenges and Differences in Luxury Hospitality.
Balancing standards and entrepreneurship in luxury hospitality.
Differences in luxury expectations between American and European travelers.
Challenges of luxury spending, staffing, and value deficit in Hospitality.

23:40 Challenges of Restaurant Operations, Staffing Strategies, and Embracing Technology in the Hospitality Industry.
Restaurant hours and consistent concerns about increasing costs.
Engaging and inspiring the team, strong focus on training and development.
Approach to ensuring human touch in the hospitality industry amidst advancing technology.

29:36 Emphasizing Human Connection in Technology.
Emphasizing the importance of capturing human knowledge through technology while maintaining relationships.
Expressing the desire for genuine human interaction rather than just discussing apps and technology.