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Interview with Raul Leal, CEO, SH Hotels & Resorts

Interview with Raul Leal, CEO, SH Hotels & Resorts

  • Siva Selvan, Head of Global Hospitality Real Estate, Long & Foster Commercial Division

Raul Leal, CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts, discusses the brand’s focus on sustainability and wellness and the challenges of maintaining the brand’s culture during global expansion. He also talks about the future growth of the brand and the importance of offering value to consumers in the luxury hotel sector. Leal discusses the brand’s expansion into different markets and highlights the significance of wellness and F&B offerings.

Leal talks about the brand’s focus on sustainability and conscious design, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and doing good for the planet and its guests.

04:03 Challenges of Maintaining Brand Culture and Employee Development in the Hotel Business.
Leal emphasized the importance of paying attention to the employee journey and providing growth opportunities.

08:07 Challenges of Hotel Development and construction in 40 projects worldwide.
Importance of understanding municipality and local culture for hotel projects.
Significance of residential components in luxury and lifestyle hotel projects.

12:10 The Future of Luxury Hotels: Consumer Preferences and Industry Projections.
Old money and new money consumers have different preferences for luxury hotels.
Luxury hotel brands need to offer more to consumers, including price value and wellness experiences.

16:15 The future of luxury hotels involves expanding wellness offerings throughout the hotel. Wellness and Sustainability in Hotel Design and Guest Experience.
People are becoming more mindful of taking care of themselves.

20:16 Expansion Plans and Brand Differentiation