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Unlocking Ancillary Revenue Opportunities in Hospitality


Unlocking Ancillary Revenue Opportunities in Hospitality: What you need to Know

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Sponsored By: RealTime Reservation

Sponsored By

RealTime Reservation

RealTime Reservation is a hospitality software company designed to help hotels capture additional streams of revenue through improved guest services. RealTime Reservation makes it easy for guests to reserve everything pre-arrival, from rentable structures to activities, amenities, events, day passes, and more.

Our software allows guests to reserve everything but the room prior to check-in, while providing guest confirmations and an itinerary. Reservation made through RealTime Reservation’s software can be integrated with your hotel’s PMS, allowing guests to charge to their room, or use credit cards. This ultimately increases hotel revenues, improves guest experience, eliminates errors in booking, reduces labor costs, and improves operational efficiency.

Moderated By Michelle McLean

International Business Representative

Ohlthaver & List Group, and O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges Group Namibia


Presented by field experts in Luxury Hospitality

Shawn Tarter
RealTime Reservation
Ryan Smith
Resort Manager
The Seabird Resort and Spa
Nancy Johns
Vice President Digital Strategy
Crescent Hotels & Resort