What is a Microfiber Robe?

Why choose microfiber robes over cotton, terry or waffle?

With words like plush, silky and warm to describe bathrobes, why do we use the bulky term microfiber too? Two reasons: Microfiber robes are outrageously comfortable, and they’re durable. We consider “microfiber” an adjective that describes something wonderful.

What is microfiber, though? And how will microfiber robes benefit your business? Read on.

What is microfiber? Microfiber is a fabric made of ultra-thin — micro-fibers. We’re talking mega-numbers. Microfiber strands are 20 times thinner than silk and a whopping 100 times more slender than human hair. In technical terms, microfibers are one “denier” or less. The base is usually polyester and polyimide, but loads of other natural and synthetic materials (wood pulp, cellulose, nylon, acrylic ) might be used also or instead.

How is microfiber fabric made? 

The process keeps evolving, but essentially manufacturers melt the ingredients, then extrude them into molds. From there, they morph into the thread-like filaments that are used to weave, knit or spin fabric. Some fabrics are made in “flat weaves,” used for items like bathrobes and bedsheets; those repel water, which is a boon for hotel guestrooms, spas and pool areas. Our Ritz-Carlton and Waldorf-Astoria clients tend to choose these robes. Makers of athletic-wear meant to wick away sweat use flat-weave microfiber fabrics too. Other microfibers are processed into split weaves, best for cleaning rags and mop heads; those are notably absorbent.

What are the characteristics of a microfiber robe? 

Microfiber robes are silky, satiny, soft and buttery. They drape gently and tend not to wrinkle. They feel light yet are strong enough to last through a few hundred washes without pilling or ripping. Microfiber robes are also more breathable than robes made of other synthetic fabrics.

How will microfiber robes help my business? 

You’ll make guests happy while getting major bang for your buck. Guests love the feel of a soft material that keeps them warm. Still, you win business-wise. You can choose a color that fits your decor. Microfiber robes last a long time if you wash them with other robes at the proper temperature. They don’t fade. They’re unlikely to shrink. They don’t shed. As with any Boca Terry robe, we will embroider your logo for a modest fee.

What is special about Boca Terry’s microfiber robes? 

We give you options. Boca Terry sells microfiber robes in a variety of styles and colors — even a chamois version. Look for kimono robes or shawl collars, roll-up cuffs, double belt loops, front pockets and hanger loops. Depending on the style, you might choose from simple whites, tans and beiges or more distinctive pink, chocolate, blue, navy, gray or brown.

I see some Boca Terry robes have both microfiber and other materials. Why? 

The more the merrier, in some circumstances. The Microfiber Robe with Plush Lining is arguably our most luxurious offering. It has a silky exterior that provides a welcome heft along with a plush micro terry interior, which is so kind to bare skin.

How can I bring microfiber robes into my facility?

We’re here to help. Click here, fill out the form and we’ll have a knowledgeable sales rep reach out to you quickly. We’ll explain your options and help guide you to the Boca Terry microfiber robe that’s best for your bottom line. You can also call us at 877-421-6001.