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Where Hospitality Wins

By Valery Herrington, CEO and Trusted Advisor/Subject Matter Expert, Advanced Tech
28 July 2021
4 min read
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Herrington Technology

When you run a hotel, motel, or other hospitality business, staying connected to your customers and staff is a must.  Your customers expect to be easily routed to the right department to address their needs immediately. With Ooma Office, you can create a better customer experience that drives repeat business and strong reviews, all while enjoying significant savings over your previous business phone service.



Ooma Office, the #1 rated business phone service, provides the best value for the hospitality industry.

“Always on” service routes callers to hotel staff easily.
When hotel staff members are checking-in customers or coordinating with housekeeping, catering, etc., Ooma’s virtual receptionist takes care of incoming calls. You can build menu options like any big hotel and play helpful messages until your staff is available. As an example, create menu items such as: Press 1 for directions – Press 2 for reservations – Press 3 for itemized receipts – you get the idea.

Never miss a business call no matter where you are in and out of your hotel.
Hospitality staff are frequently on the move. Ooma’s mobile app provides extension dialing to your staff so they can always answer their business number on their mobile phones. You can also flip a call from your desk phone to your mobile phone without skipping a beat. Perfect for back office staff that may oversee an event in your hotel, they’ll never miss a call going forward.

Simultaneously ring numerous hotel staff to provide top customer service.
With Ooma, you can call a group of extensions for Room Service or Housekeeping, Bell Service or Catering to ensure a customer’s call is always answered.

Hotel 32 | 32
When Hotel 32 | 32 first started, its reservation system was only available at the hotel, not at the business office where most of the employees worked. It needed a flexible and easy-to-use business communications system that could be deployed quickly, with advanced features and a virtual receptionist to answer calls 24/7.

“Hotel 32 | 32 replaced its legacy phone system with Ooma Office to gain advanced features such as a virtual receptionist, ring groups, a mobile app, extension dialing, conferencing, and music on hold. Instead of having customers call a standard office or mobile phone and simply getting transferred to an answering machine, Ooma provides services that allow small businesses to be seen as large enterprises” – Matthew Werner, General Manager at Hotel 32| 32

Herrington Technology

Easily serve guests quickly with the right communications system.

  • When customers call the front desk to make a reservation, check on details of their stay or folio, request housekeeping, etc. their questions can be answered faster because they were properly routed.
  • It takes just seconds to park or transfer a call to the right staff members so your guests receive an excellent experience before, during, and after their stay.

With Ooma Office, you get all the business phone features that are perfect for meeting demands of your hotel with clear, flexible, reliable communications that also save you money.

35 advanced features at a low monthly rate of $19.95 per user. All-inclusive pricing. No nickel and diming or surprise addons or setup fees. We are so confident you’ll love the quality and value of Ooma Office, there are no contracts.

Key features include:

  • Auto attendant/virtual receptionist
  • Advanced call routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call logs
  • Call park
  • Conferencing
  • Dial by extension
  • Dial by name
  • Do not disturb
  • Enhanced 911 services
  • Faxing
  • Intercom one-to-one
  • Music on hold
  • On-phone presence monitoring (BLF)
  • Overhead paging
  • Paging groups
  • Personal automated attendant
  • Ring (hunt) groups
  • Time-based call routing
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Voicemail to email messaging
Herrington Technology