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Who Is WorldVue?

10 October 2023
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You might not recognize the name WorldVue, but you know us. World Cinema has been servicing the hospitality market since 1974 and currently serves over 7,000 properties and 900,000 rooms in North America. Hospitality WiFi, which has been serving hospitality customers since 2001, was acquired by World Cinema in June of 2022. Now, we are unifying as one company, WorldVue.

By providing multiple solutions with one point of contact for installation, service, and support, WorldVue can offer the best possible service to our customers while simplifying their technology. Our team of technology engineers, systems designers, project management, client success, and support professionals continue to help design, install, and support solutions that enhance the value of your business from inception to operation.

WorldVue Serves Many Different Verticals

WorldVue Solutions

WorldVue icons showing various solution types

WorldVue Entertainment HUB™, aka “The HUB™”

The WorldVue HUB™ aka “The HUB™” is a fully customizable in-room entertainment solution to meet and exceed your brand’s expectations and your guests’ and residents’ desires. Upgrade your in-room experience without rewiring your property! The HUB™ includes a customized interface for your property and a full range of features to help you create and maintain the very best experience and keep them coming back time and time again:

  • WorldVue® Mobile Remote 
  • Relax 
  • EVOLVE: “Entertain. Empower. Engage. EVOLVE®” 
  • Create a better entertainment experience with live streaming TV 
  • Communicate with Your Guests Digitally 
  • Live Stream Directly from Your Event Center to Your Guest Room Televisions
  • Property Operations through WorldVue® Customer Portal 
  • Housekeeping Portal 

TV Programming

WorldVue and DISH Business have built a reliable 25-year partnership delivering entertainment technology to some of the world’s largest hotels. With over 60 years of unparalleled knowledge and expertise in hotel entertainment, we take care of the technology so you can take care of your guests and residents. WorldVue offers a variety of free-to-guest (FTG) programming options that meet your brand standards and work with your existing infrastructure, plus proactive monitoring and 24/7/365 support, all with equipment that’s space- and energy-efficient. We also offer casting options to meet guest and resident expectations for viewing their own content.

Wired and Wireless Networks

With WorldVue’s wired and wireless networks, there’s no more need for business owners and general managers to worry about usage, security, or network issues – our team of experts can take care of that for you. WorldVue offers options such as Centralized WiFi Authentication to make it easier for repeat visitors to access your network, yielding Increased guest and resident satisfaction, decreased technical support calls, and improved guest feedback scores.

Circuits & Low Voltage Cabling

WorldVue offers several options for data transmission, including wired, wireless, and VPNs. Our digital infrastructure solution has a 20+ year useful life with a wired infrastructure consisting of fiber and CAT6 cabling. From the early stages of design and planning to cabling installation, whether it’s an existing property or new construction, our team reviews your cabling specifics and electrical blueprints to design a custom wiring solution for you. 


WorldVue helps create a safer environment for guests and residents with cloud-based video surveillance solutions. Our solutions include video surveillance with remote access and the ability to quickly navigate between cameras across multiple locations to protect your brand reputation. You can manage access to sensitive locations with access control integrations and use advanced analytics to monitor visitor traffic and receive automated alerts.

Digital Signage

WorldVue’s Digital Signage solution offers flexible content management to exceed guest and resident expectations, winning more even business and maximizing revenue per square foot. 

Cellular Boosting

WorldVue’s Cellular Boosting solution enhances your guest and resident experience and improves staff safety by ensuring there are no dead spots throughout your property. Using Nextivity’s Cel-Fi products that optimize cellular coverage in enterprise, small business, residential, and mobile settings.


WorldVue offers VoIP-based telephone systems designed for today’s hospitality voice communication needs. Our solutions can be used with SIP or analog phones for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness and can be scaled for any size property. They also support the legal requirements such as 911 law, Kari’s Law, and Ray Baum’s Act, with unlimited DIDs (Direct Inward Dial numbers) to identify a specific room and not just the property.

Access Controls

With WorldVue’s Access Control solution, you can manage all your buildings from any connected device. Improve property appeal to increase resident retention and quickly fill new units, expand management opportunities by controlling doors across properties from any mobile device and managing vendor access, protect your investment and prevent damage with sensors and property environmental controls, and safeguard your property with automated access. 


ProSafe is the only room/area level-accurate, geo-location and evidence-gathering panic button platform currently available to hotels. With an interface that’s simple and easy to understand, ProSafe helps deliver better guest experiences, decreasing operational costs and boosting brand reputation. All collected data is stored securely and protected by a PIN code, so only authorized staff members have access. ProSafe includes multiple activation methods including a panic button, location and incident reporting, push-to-talk, and real-time translation, enabling easy compliance without a significant investment in complex systems, hardware, or installations.

Creative Services

CarrierWave Creative is our internal design and content creation agency, providing creative services including print, digital, photography/videography, UI/UX, and web design. If you have ideas, CarrierWave Creative can help bring them to life.

All in All

WorldVue offers advanced solutions that are right for your brand, your property, and ultimately your guests and residents. We work with you from development and implementation to ongoing support and remote monitoring 24/7/365. We are your trusted advisor for new developments and property improvement plans, your single source for a wide range of technology products, and your ONE point of contact for installation, service, and support nationwide.

WorldVue remains dedicated to providing our properties with exceptional products and services, prompt support, and a partnership built on trust and reliability. Our motto remains: We deliver. Every time. No exceptions.