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Will F&B ever be the same again?

7 May 2021
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HotStats talks about how F&B operations have changed due to the pandemic and the way service has drastically altered so that guests and staff feel safe.

“The buffet is gone,” said Steven Kamali, CEO of Hospitality House, which provides F&B solutions for the hospitality industry, and has worked with many major brands to fine-tune service and offerings. “Hotels are now thinking about how they can provide service that falls somewhere between a vending machine and a full-service breakfast, and that’s where people are trying to innovate.”

According to HotStats data, total food revenue per room during 2019 was $55.08, while total beverage revenue was $14.25. A year later, 2020’s total food revenue was $14.61 while total beverage revenue fell to $4.37. Hotels are seizing this as an opportunity and getting creative with pre-packaged items and to-go drinks that are more cost-effective. Kamali added, “At many properties—across brands and chain scales—grab-and-go windows are the norm, or they’re soon coming onboard.”

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