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Experienced in upgrading and optimizing existing properties, World Cinema reviews the cabling specifics and electrical as-built drawings of active properties to design a custom wiring solution to accommodate the building’s unique, pre-existing infrastructure. With a focus on DOCSIS network adapters, GPON, and unique fiber installations, we bring connectivity that advances speed, capacity, and reliability.

Connectivity powers nearly every interaction within a hotel and remains the most critical amenity for today’s guests. New hotels increasingly rely on updated connectivity infrastructure to support the growing need for property-wide internet access. Historic and existing properties may have trouble competing with newer properties if they cannot provide comparable levels of connectivity to support guests and advanced internal systems. 

The Solution

World Cinema began deploying retrofit customized solutions that enable today’s hotels to accommodate tomorrow’s technology decades ago. Our cost-effective hardware can convert older CAT cabling and coax solutions into usable and robust IP for Wi-Fi and networking. Luxury hotels are unique and require attention to detail and hands-on experience. Our design process is fully customized and designed from the ground up to accommodate each property’s unique blueprint and connectivity requirements. 

To ensure a seamless updating process, our team performs thorough site surveys to address current cabling and determine which components of the existing infrastructure can be built upon and updated. We ensure that our process is quick and efficient, with minimal disruption to guests or staff. The solution can install in a heritage building just as easily as a modern luxury building with minimal structural impact, whether stone, brick, or concrete. It enables fast, easy, virtually invisible fiber deployment in properties to the ONT cosmetically acceptable to building owners and guests.

Luxury hotels rely on their individual legacy and unique attributes to provide guests with a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. World Cinema is ready to support backbone upgrades in modern or older buildings with custom solutions designed for each property’s unique needs.

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Property-Wide Support

In addition to enhancing guest connectivity, upgraded technology systems support many smart devices like cloud-based common area cameras and automated HVAC systems. Investing in future-proof digital infrastructure is essential to provide personalized experiences to today’s luxury hotel guests. ImpruviX by World Cinema simplifies connectivity and provides turnkey solutions through customized network design, technical project management and continuous customer service.

The ImpruviX product stack includes cellular boosting and common area cameras with cloud-based video systems and managed Wi-Fi. Today’s internal communication devices require a robust, connected network to ensure staff and guest safety. Hotels need the infrastructure to support the growing number of connected staff-centered devices that significantly contribute to the guest and employee experience. While the ImpruviX Common Area Camera System is fully agnostic, we predict cloud-based cameras will continue to grow in influence to improve safety and remote monitoring. Cloud-based technology relies on an expanded connectivity network capable of storing data and communicating with little to no latency. 

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Future-Proof Technology

To stay relevant and competitive, luxury properties must implement the future-proof, sustainable technology infrastructure necessary to support growing connectivity needs. Antiquated cabling systems are increasingly incompatible with today’s technology and will continue to lose effectiveness as our needs evolve. The wireless backbone is effortless; it moves and changes to modify and work with properties processes by simply unplugging the Wi-Fi 6 access point and moving to the new location. Our networking solutions bring minimal interference and disruption to daily operations, designed to allow luxury to do what they do best: serve guests with exceptional, personalized service.

The World Cinema networking design process is built with the expectation that technology will continue to need to be updated. Our systems are buildable, meaning we can come in and add to the infrastructure and perform necessary updates and advancements. We form a partnership with our customers and learning about their unique operations is vital to understanding how their needs will develop over time. 

It is impossible to predict the future technological advancements we’ll see with Web 3.0. Services like the Metaverse, Wi-Fi 7 and 5G are continuing to grow in relevance, and we’re designing structures to support these new innovations. While we may not be able to predict tomorrow’s technologies, our history in hotels has taught us that customer service will always be an essential component of luxury hotels. Providing connectivity and technological support is increasingly important to guests, and we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure guest satisfaction.

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About the Author, Robert Grosz

Robert is a leader in the institutional real estate and technology industries with a 25-year track record of success.  He is committed to helping institutional real estate owners and managers create value from investments in technology by enhancing the customer experience and forming long-lasting partnerships with best of breed technology solutions. 

Robert started his career in multifamily real estate at Equity Residential in Chicago, IL and led their Strategic Business Development unit. He was responsible for assuring that technology providers helped create the best possible living experience while yielding non-rent sources of income.  While at Equity, he gained a unique understanding of how technology improves the marketability of a real estate and developed a reputation for having a long-term vision and thinking outside the box to create win-win partnerships with technology companies.  

He leveraged this experience and reputation to hold senior executive leadership positions at three different public companies and two successful technology start-ups.  With laser focus on the client, he is currently the Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President of World Cinema, Inc.; one of the largest integrators of technologies and applications for hospitality, student, and senior housing. Previous to World Cinema held leadership roles at Boingo Wireless and DISH Network.  His consistent focus on leveraging technology and information to benefit commercial enterprises and institutional real estate clients has presented him industry-wide accolades.  

He graduated cum laude with his BBA in Finance and BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI.  He currently resides in the Dallas, TX.    

Robert Grosz