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WORLD CINEMA (WCI) Unveils Impruvix — A Turn-Key, Custom-designed Wireless Connectivity Solution For Communities And Destination Properties Nationwide

By Ella Ahmed, Director of Marketing for WorldVue
6 October 2020
3 min read
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HOUSTON, TEXAS, October 6, 2020 – WCI, the leader in providing innovative technology, services and connectivity to guest-centric properties, today announced the introduction of ImpruviX– a turn-key, fully customized, advanced wireless connectivity solution for community and destination properties across the United States. ImpruviX offers high-speed, secure digital connectivity experiences to individuals who work, visit or reside in a community such as hotels, student housing, senior living communities, luxury Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), residential master-planned communities and healthcare facilities, as well as many others. The announcement was made today at the virtual WiFi World Congress 2020.

WCI’s ImpruviX provides robust high-speed connectivity solutions focused on providing a frictionless guest or resident networking experience at properties anywhere in the United States. ImpruviX supports any major brand of enterprise WiFi equipment and software or spectrum by providing flexible choices to service both B2B and B2C customers. ImpruviX is a single-source solution that standardizes on custom-engineered design, not on proprietary technology or third-party vendors. This allows ImpruviX to align to meet specific and unique needs of the property owner, using the technology to address specific property needs. Our mission is to become a property owner’s trusted partner and first choice in connectivity experiences for their guests and residents.

In addition, with the continued proliferation and advancement of nationwide 5G cellular data network rollouts, WCI’s ImpruviX solution can help properties bridge the latest in WiFi technology with 5G, providing a harmonious, ubiquitous coverage and connectivity experience for the residents and guests.

“As a longtime partner and trusted technology provider to properties nationwide, we understand that reliable connectivity is vital to optimizing the value of any property where guests or residents live. ImpruviX was purposely developed to help each property owner design and deploy a connectivity solution unique to their own business model and strategy, positively affecting their overall operating expenses and total cost of ownership,” said Robert Grosz, Chief Commercial Officer, WCI. “Robust, secure and seamless high-speed internet access with the latest and greatest applications are now a top requirement when choosing destinations and communities for consumers, and digitally transforming your connectivity strategy must be well designed and executed with a partner that is trusted, flexible and knowledgeable. With ImpruviX, our goal is to be the first choice, single-source for endless connectivity to property owners and their residents and guests.”

The core product of ImpruviX is secure and managed WiFi. However, ImpruviX also builds and supports an array of networked applications which support a property’s digital transformation. Future offerings include single portal building system management, energy management solutions, and touchless guest technology. ImpruviX also supports a large universe of property management system integrations.

ImpruviX provides endless connectivity and caters to the every need of residents and guests by supporting the latest and most sophisticated connectivity applications and uses including Internet of Things (IoT) smart controls such as security cameras, alert systems, smart flooring, leak detectors, lock/access controls, window treatment controls, and Power over Ethernet (POE) lighting.

About WCI/World Cinema
Headquartered in Houston, WCI is a market leader innovating and delivering technology and services to guest-centric properties. The company was the first technology service provider to hotels nationwide, beginning in 1974. Today, World Cinema is building on that legacy as a stable and trusted provider of video, data and connectivity services to some of the largest owners and managers of hotel and multifamily brands in the world. The company serves 4,200 properties nationwide with nearly 600,000 rooms under management and over 300 million guest encounters per year.

For company information visit: www.wcitv.com/impruvix

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