WorldVue Retrofit Property Technology Solutions for Luxury Hotels

Technology Designed for Aesthetic Integrity 

WorldVue designs retrofit infrastructure solutions at the total lowest cost of ownership for luxury and historic hotels. Experienced in the customized design and wiring process, WorldVue reviews as-built drawings to design a custom solution to accommodate the building’s unique, pre-existing structure.  

Extreme Personalized Technology 

Luxury hotels use intuitive personalization to create a carefully curated, memorable experience unique to each guest. To complement these efforts, luxury hotels need to partner with a technology provider who specializes in customized technology solutions. WorldVue advances luxury properties, bringing intuitive solutions to accommodate each property’s unique needs. These solutions include a virtually invisible fiber deployment, in-building broadband backhaul that penetrates through walls, Fiber to the Room (FTTR) and more. Our solutions have minimal guest interruption and require little to no downtime.  

At WorldVue, we believe the history and culture of luxury hotels is an important, communicable component of its charm. It is important that our solutions enhance that legacy, rather than replace it. Our networking solutions prioritize each property’s structural and aesthetic integrity, upgrading antiquated systems with supporting cabling and wire design. The network design process is personalized to accommodate the individuality of each luxury hotel.  

Custom Cabling

Our team of specialized technology engineers carefully surveys each site, reviewing the cabling specifics and electrical as-built drawings to explore the existing technology structure. We then work alongside property owners and managers to create a customized connectivity solution for the property. Just as luxury hotels provide one-of-a-kind experiences, the WorldVue networking solution is built from the ground up to accommodate each building’s specific set of needs.  

Property-Wide Technologies 

The WorldVue property technology suite includes digital signage and common area cameras with cloud-based video systems in addition to Wi-Fi. Today’s internal communication devices require a strong, connected network to ensure staff and guest safety. It is essential for hotels to have the infrastructure to support the growing number of connected staff-centered devices that greatly contribute to the guest and employee experience. While the WorldVue Common Area Camera System is fully agnostic, we predict AI cloud-based cameras will continue to grow in influence to improve safety and remote monitoring. AI cloud-based technology relies on an expanded connectivity network capable of storing data and communicating with little to no latency.  

Infrastructure Built for the Future

Antiquated cabling systems are increasingly incompatible with today’s technology, and they will continue to lose effectiveness as our needs evolve. To stay relevant and competitive, boutique properties need to implement the future-proof, sustainable technology infrastructure necessary to support growing connectivity needs. Our networking solutions bring minimal interference and disruption to daily operations, designed to allow boutiques to do what they do best: serve guests with exceptional, personalized service. 

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