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WRITING FOR WELL-BEING: The Rewards of Putting Pen to Paper (A.T. Cross Company)

By Nicola Shepherd, Senior Director, Global Marketing for A.T. Cross Company
1 October 2020
2 min read
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Meaningful personal connections have always been essential to wellness. For nearly 175 years, A.T. Cross Company has proudly connected people through the art of written communication. Today, with a renewed appreciation for the traditional act of putting pen to paper, we’re reminded of the power of writing to close the space between us.

Hand-written notes and letters are surging in popularity, as family, friends and loved ones look for authentic ways to connect during times of separation. In the age of digital technology, a tangible, personalized greeting – thoughtfully composed in one’s own unique handwriting – is an invaluable gift with lasting benefits.

Studies are also showing that writing even a little every day can calm the mind, reduce stress and help organize thoughts. Traditional notions of journaling have evolved to encourage a more creative approach. No longer a diary-style accounting of events, today’s journal is a canvas for spontaneous, mindful expression. Jot down new ideas, set professional goals, compose stories, take notes, sketch – the possibilities are endless.

For all the ways we’re living, learning and working today, Cross provides a distinguished collection of essential tools backed proudly by our Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Innovative pens and journals, crafted to an exacting standard, will help you stay connected with purpose and individual style. Keep writing, and keep in touch.



Nicola Shepherd
Senior Director, Global Marketing
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