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Your luxury guest has changed. Are you still on the same page?

By Heather Lobao, Business Analyst for Vamoos
6 April 2021
4 min read
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How well do you know your guests? Are you still giving them exactly what they want? Or are you sticking with the same methods you’ve used for years?

There is comfort in sticking with the old ways, and why would they still not work? Well, because your guests’ priorities have changed drastically in the last year and what they want now will be different from just a few short months ago.

In order to deliver the luxury service you promise, you need to be on the same page.

They Want Flexibility
In the wake of COVID-19, planning a holiday is fraught with difficulty. Guests will be consistently on edge in the lead-up to their trip that it could become impossible in one fell swoop.

In order to provide a luxury service, you need to put your guests at ease. Placate their concerns by making it clear that you can be flexible in the event a trip has to be moved, cut short or postponed.

Don’t fall short on giving your guests exactly what they expect – 5* service with extraordinary luxury. Use your own resort app to deliver this not just from when they arrive, but from the moment they book

They Are Risk-Averse
At least for now, the number of holidays most people will take in a year will be limited. As a result, guests are unlikely to want to take risks with the places they visit, so it is more important than ever to meet or exceed expectations when it comes to offering true luxury.

Guests will be forever grateful that what you promised them for their trip, you delivered. And they are likely to reward you with their loyalty. In a post-COVID world, when guests find a luxury resort that gives them everything they want and aligns with their values, they will return.

They’re Tech Savvy
Remote check-in and QR codes have become the norm in the wake of COVID and guests are happy with it. In fact, for many, it’s baffling it took so long for luxury hospitality to catch up given technology plays such a crucial role in all other aspects of life.

Take advantage of your guests’ tech-savviness by offering them a paperless experience. It’s what they want, especially given touchpoints are best avoided. When everything from room directories, restaurant menus, weather updates and daily schedules can be provided on a digital app, why waste time and money on the printing? Learn how Vamoos can save you time and money in our recent blog post.

They Want Reassurance
Unsurprisingly, guests are now more health-and-safety-conscious than ever, and it is up to you to reassure them. Luxury still means a high thread-count and a private pool, but it now also means more than that. It means showing that you care for your guests and their health.

If you can inspire confidence that you are doing all you can to protect them, your guests will be able to enjoy their stay with you to the utmost.

They Want Unique Experiences
From start to finish, guests want something new, something different. So you need to give them something unique. A once-in-a-lifetime experience means offering them genuine luxury service from the moment they book until long after they have left, just like Tewkesbury Park has done. Watch their video here.

The simple pleasure of taking time away is more valuable than ever now. So make it count for guests. They don’t want identikit, they don’t want formulaic. they don’t want corporate. They want different, they want unique, they want magical.

Make it magical with Vamoos, The App for Hotels and Villas. Book in a 15-minute consultation with us here.

Or get in touch with any questions at info@vamoos.com and +44 203 474 0512/ +1 347 848 1022.